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Moving to a foreign country is a transformative journey filled with anticipation, exploration, and self-discovery. Yet, amidst the excitement, the process can be overwhelming as you navigate the unfamiliar landscape of a new culture and environment. Establishing a robust support network is a pivotal aspect of adapting to expat life in the Netherlands. This blog post delves into the significance of creating a support network and offers practical tips for expats seeking to build meaningful relationships in their new Dutch setting.

The Significance of a Support Network

Human connection is a fundamental aspect of our existence, starting from infancy where we rely on it for nourishment, care, and healthy development. This need for connection persists into adulthood. Sharing joys and sorrows, celebrating victories, and shouldering burdens become integral to our well-being. A support network, comprising friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances, plays a vital role by offering emotional, social, and practical assistance throughout the expat journey. It becomes especially crucial in alleviating feelings of loneliness, homesickness, and stress associated with adapting to a new environment.

How to Build a Support Network as an Expat in the Netherlands

Connect with Fellow Expats:

Engage with expat groups, participate in online forums, or attend events specifically designed for expats. These platforms provide opportunities to forge new connections, share experiences, and cultivate friendships, creating a sense of community.

Engage with Locals:

Attend local events, involve yourself in community activities, or join a Dutch language exchange group. Immersing yourself in local culture fosters connections with Dutch residents, bridging the gap between expat life and the Dutch community.

Maintain Relationships with Loved Ones Back Home:

Schedule regular video calls with family and friends from your home country. Sharing updates, discussing experiences, and staying connected with loved ones contribute to a sense of familiarity and support.

Develop New Hobbies and Interests:

Join local sports teams, enroll in creative classes, or participate in volunteer projects. Engaging in activities aligned with your interests introduces you to like-minded individuals, forming the basis for supportive relationships.

Be Open and Proactive:

Take the initiative to start conversations, invite colleagues for coffee, or organize gatherings with neighbors. Openness to diverse cultures, viewpoints, and experiences enriches your understanding and broadens your perspective.

Utilize Digital Platforms:

Explore social media groups catering to expats and internationals in the Netherlands. Online platforms offer a virtual space to connect, share experiences, and seek advice. Discovering local events and activities online facilitates meeting individuals with similar interests.

Seek Professional Support:

Consider reaching out to mental health professionals specializing in expat adjustment issues. Discussing emotional needs and developing strategies for building a support network in the Netherlands can be crucial, especially when facing challenging emotions.

Be Patient:

Acknowledge that forming meaningful relationships takes time. Exercise patience with yourself and others, recognizing that every interaction contributes to the gradual development of your support network.

Building a support network as an expat in the Netherlands is an essential component of a successful transition. While the process may be emotionally charged and challenging, the rewards are invaluable. Seeking therapeutic support is encouraged if you find the journey overwhelming. Taking this step towards professional help contributes to a more fulfilling and connected expat life in the Netherlands.


EXPATHY is a revolutionary mobile application platform catering to the mental health needs of international expats in the Netherlands. Through culturally relevant matching, it connects expats with licensed expat psychologists, fostering a deep understanding and trust. The user-friendly interface ensures hassle-free accessibility, allowing expats to access mental care services anytime, anywhere. By eliminating waiting lists, EXPATHY ensures prompt care and guarantees utmost confidentiality. The platform offers personalized, long-term treatment plans through expat psychologists, recognizing the unique challenges faced by expats. With its innovative approach, https://www.expathy.org/ aims to be a lifeline for expats, promoting mental wellness and emotional growth in their new surroundings.


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